Article : Effect of Extraction Time on the Rheological Properties of Sericin Solutions and Gels
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Recently, silk sericin has attracted the attention of researchers owing to its useful properties as a biomaterial including 1) good wound healing and cell activities, 2) fast gelation character, and 3) high water retention property. In the present study, silk sericin was prepared using different extraction times in hot water and the effect of extraction time on the rheological properties of sericin solutions and gels was examined. It was found that the production yield of sericin increased with extraction time. The shear viscosity of sericin solutions and gels decreased with increasing extraction time due to a decrease in sericin molecular weight. When the sericin solution transformed to a gel, the viscosity increased and the shear thinning behavior was more evident. In addition, the shear stress measurements indicated that the slip between the sericin samples and the measuring plate of the rheometer was increased by the gelation of sericin. The compression strength of sericin gel could be increased remarkably (by more than 100 fold) by preparation using the freezing and thawing method.
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  • 발행년2013
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  • 저자( Young Jin Yoo ) , ( In Chul Um )
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