Article : Description of Nearly Completed Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of the Garden Chafer Polyphylla laticollis manchurica, Endangered in Korea (Insecta: Coleoptera)
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In this study, we present the nearly complete mitogenome sequences of the garden chafer, Polyphylla laticollis manchurica, which is listed as an endangered species in Korea. The P. l. manchurica mitogenome, which includes unfinished whole A+T-rich region and a partial srRNA was 14,473-bp long, possessing typical sets of genes (13 PCGs, 22 tRNA genes, and 2 rRNA genes). Gene arrangement of the P. l. manchurica mitogenome was identical to the common one found in the majority of insects. The 5 bp-long motif sequence (TAGTA) that has been suggested to be the possible binding site for the transcription termination peptide for the major-strand was also found in the P. l. manchurica mitogenome between tRNASer(UCN) and ND1. The start codon for COI gene and ATPase8 was designated as a typical TTG. All tRNAs of the P. l. manchurica showed a stable canonical clover-leaf structure of other mt tRNAs, except for tRNASer(AGN), DHU arm of which could not form stable stemloop structure. As has been previously determined, the high A/T content was unanimously observed in P. l. manchurica in terms of A/T bias in the third codon position (73.5%) compared with the first (66.4%) and second codon position (66.2%). The PCGs encoded in major-strands are slightly T-skewed, whereas those of the minor-strand are A-skewed, indicating strand asymmetry in nucleotide composition in the Coleoptera including P. l. manchurica.
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  • 페이지수18 페이지
  • 발행년2013
  • 학회명한국잠사학회
  • 저자( Min Jee Kim ) , ( Ki Gyoung Kim ) , ( Iksoo Kim )
  • 파일형식아크로뱃 뷰어(pdf)
  • 자료번호#3985594
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