Article : The Effect of Silk Membrane Plus 3% 4-hexylresorcinol on Guided Bone Regeneration in a Rabbit Calvarial Defect Model
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the bone regeneration capability of silk membrane plus 3% 4-hexylresorcinol (3% 4-HR plus SM) in a rabbit calvarial defect model. Twenty New Zealand white rabbits were used in this study. Bilateral round shaped defects were created in the parietal bone (diameter: 8.0 mm). And the defects were covered with (1) 3% 4-HR plus SM, (2) collagen membrane (CM), (3) no graft material. After surgery, the animals were sacrificed at 4 weeks and 8 weeks. Bone regeneration was analyzed in each section by micro-computerized tomography (μ-CT). And Hematoxylin and eosin stains were used for histological analysis. As measured by μ-CT analysis 4 weeks after surgery, the average of new bone formation in animals treated with 3% 4-HR plus SM was greater than that of animals treated with CM. and the difference was statistically significant. And well organized lamella bones were observed in the histological view of the 3% 4-HR plus SM group. Therefore, more bone regeneration was seen in animals treated with 3% 4-HR plus SM than in those treated with CM or uncovered control.
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  • 발행년2013
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  • 저자( Hyun Seok ) , ( Sang Woon Lee ) , ( Seong Gon Kim ) , ( Dong Hyun Seo ) , ( Han Sung Kim ) , ( Hae Yong Kweon ) , ( You Young Jo ) , ( Tae Yeon Kang ) , ( Myung Jin Lee ) , ( Weon Sik Chae )
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