Article : Anti-atopic Effects of the Silkworm Feces Extracts in the NC/Nga Mice
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This study was evaluated the antiatopic activity of silkworm feces extracts in DNCBinduced NC/Nga atopy mice. It was found that each level of IgE and histamine in blood was significantly decreased in the silkworm feces extracts treatment groups, compared with the DNCB-induced atopy control group. When the silkworm feces extracts was applied to the atopy mice, it could be observed that its skin recovered to normal condition with the skin surface being clean and smooth without any tissue. The results suggest that the application of silkworm feces extracts effect on atopic model through a inhibition of histamine emissions with reducing the levels of blood IgE in NC/Nga atopy mice.
  • 가격4,000
  • 페이지수9 페이지
  • 발행년2013
  • 학회명한국잠사학회
  • 저자( Wan Taek Ju ) , ( Hyun Bok Kim ) , ( Kee Young Kim ) , ( Gyoo Byung Sung ) , ( Yong Soon Kim )
  • 파일형식아크로뱃 뷰어(pdf)
  • 자료번호#3985605
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