Note : Survey of Awareness and Concept of Insects in Korea
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To investigate the degree of individuals’ concept and awareness of insects, a survey study was conducted with students and adults living in Korea. The misconception rate for insects was about 50% for both students and adults, but it was lower for students and people who had experienced insect-related events than for adults and those who had not. The highest misconception rate was obtained in answer to a question about the basic structure of an insect. Most people had a high awareness of insects. Significant differences and correlations for the awareness of insects were found between students and adults, men and women, people who had experienced insect-related events and those who had not. The experience of an insect-related event most influenced awareness of insects. These results suggest that increasing people``s interest in insects and utilizing insects in treatment situations may be beneficial for the field of mental healthcare.
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  • 페이지수5 페이지
  • 발행년2013
  • 학회명한국잠사학회
  • 저자( Sung-min Bae ) , ( Jae-bang Choi ) , ( Tae-young Shin ) , ( Soo-dong Woo )
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