Gradual Divergence in MOP and POC: Focus on Burmese Noun Compounding
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When two nouns are compounded over a morpheme boundary, two typical phonological phenomena are found in Burmese: counter feeding opacity and optionality. In a rule-based perspective, vowel weakening is under applied though the rule description is surface-true since the later application of schwa deletion creates the right environment of vowel reduction too late. Moreover, optional application of voicing extension and deaspiration results in multiple optima. In Harmonic Serialism(HS), a step-wise derivation guarantees gradual harmony improvement via the multiple passes of Gen and Eval loop. For counter feeding opacity, Markedness-oriented Precedence (MOP) constraint evaluates satisfaction order in a candidate chain, not faithfulness-based violation order. Meanwhile, a different total order on Partially Ordered Constraints(POC) in HS is responsible for free variation. Under the HS`s unique property of gradualness, MOP and POC well diagnose and analyze opacity and optionality in Burmese noun compounding.
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  • 발행년2013
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  • 저자이민경 ( Min Kyung Lee )
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