An Aspect of Sonorant Dissimilation in Takelma
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This study focuses on the dissimilation of coronal sonorants in Takelma prosodic words We assume that a prosodic word of Takelma consists of a root/stem plus an affix. and roots. The process involves multiple feature co-occurrence restrictions over a root and an affix boundary: sonorant, coronal, and nasal features. On the other hand, a less complex restriction is also observed in roots: a non-identical coronal feature restriction. It is argued that dissimilation is triggered by OCP-type constraints from the OT perspective. The selection of a segment for feature changes is achieved by the meta-constraint ranking (McCarthy and Prince 1995), which is inherently asymmetrical in nature. This study reveals that multiple feature co-occurrence restrictions force a change in a root segment; otherwise it is resistant to any featural change.
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  • 발행년2013
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  • 저자정진완 ( Chin Wan Chung )
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