Pronouns and Demonstratives
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This paper makes a new proposal on the functional distinction between pronouns and demonstratives, examining a variety of data including made-up data, real corpus data, and data discussed in previous studies. All the data reveal that it is too strong to claim that pronouns are used when their cognitive status is defined as IN FOCUS. This paper finds that pronouns can be used even when the entities are ACTIVE in the discourse. Claiming so, this paper finds the distinction between pronouns and demonstratives not in the cognitive status but in whether the referent is ACTIVE within the segment boundary or beyond the segment boundary. Pronouns must find their referent within their own segment while demonstratives can find their referent either within their own segment boundary or beyond their own discourse segment.
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  • 발행년2014
  • 학회명대한언어학회
  • 저자조윤경 ( Yoon Kyoung Joh )
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