Proposal of Fashion Design Artwork Education Method Using the Three-dimensional Modeling Principle
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Background : This study proposes solid design education methods that use step-by-step approach processes by utilizing body ? which is a solid modeling convergence design methodology that target students majoring in fashion design. Methods : This study reviewed books, professional academic journals and online data, related to the concept and principles of modeling in order to provide the basic foundation for modeling a curriculum for a fashion design course in higher education. Moreover, we documented the goal of and distinction of education in solid modeling in the fashion design field. Based on the information above, we proposed a curriculum for an artwork workshop. The workshop develops a solid modeling structure with consideration of a three-dimensional modeling exercise that applies body, light, space, and movements. The following curriculum has been applied, verified, and supplemented as an academic program for two semesters from 2011 to 2013 at Univ. E located in Seoul and Univ. D located in the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Results : Four stages of design education methods for fashion design were proposed for education, validation, and supplementation. Stage 1 is [basic modeling and processing] and Stage 2 is [body analysis] in which the relationships of form, volume, and structure of the human body are reviewed and analyzed. Stage 3 is [cube spacing training], in which formative functions of materials are analyzed for the development of plane to space. Stage 4 applies [integration with human body, application, and deployment], in which theoretical education and practices of defining the data analysis, developing design plans, and delivering design. Through the workshop, students completed comprehensive modeling work through detailed sketches of structures that considered the volume of the human body, dynamic movement, space, and light. Conclusion : Through this research, we developed and proposed a curriculum that combines theory and practice, which allows students who major in fashion design to understand all basic modeling elements as media of the ‘human body’. As a result of applying and supplementing the curriculum for three years, we verified design and aesthetic senses, and self-discovery for each student. Thus, a more systematic education curriculum of three-dimensional modeling is expected in the fashion design field.


1. Introduction
2. Solid Modeling Education in University Design Education
3. Fashion Design Artwork Design Education Method Utilizing Solid Modeling Principle
4. Conclusion and Proposal
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