Measurement of Firm e-Business Capability to Efficiently Perform Business Tasks in an e-Business Environment
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With the progress of IT, many firms have implemented their e-business management environment based on IT to efficiently perform e-business tasks and improve their business performances. In this environment, The measurement and management of firm e-business capability are critical to effectively execute business tasks and management activities, and improve the business performance and competitiveness of an enterprise. This study provides a practical measurement tool that can totally gauge a firm e-business capability to be asked for efficiently performing the firm e-business tasks and management activities in an e-business environment. In order to search a measurement tool, we develop the first 32-items to measure a firm e-business capability. The developed measurement items is verified by factor analysis and reliability analysis. We extract the 15-items appropriate for measuring the firm e-business capability and the structure of measurement tool was verified by these analyses. The developed measurement tool proposes 4 measurement factors and 15 items, and the framework of measurement tool.


Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Previous Studies
Ⅲ. Methods
Ⅳ. Analysis and Discussion
Ⅴ. Measurement Tool
Ⅵ. Conclusion
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