Synthetic Hydrotalcite가 클로로프렌 고무 발포체의 내염수성에 미치는 영향 연구
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In this study, we investigated for synthetic hydrotalcite in chloroprene rubber foam. Experiments were carried out to find the optimum content ratio by controlling the contents of MgO and Hydrotalcite. Swelling test in toluene immersion was made to measure the crosslinking density of CR foams, and the cure properties were investigated with flat die rheometer and Mooney viscosity. The difference of hardness, tensile strength and elongation at break were observed after immersing in 7% NaCl or 21% NaCl solutions for a day and four days. In addition, the volume change and water content remaining in CR foam were measured after immersing NaCl solution. As content of MgO increased, the value of the cure torque tended to increase, but it was almost constant above 2phr of MgO. However, the Mooney viscosity decreased with increasing MgO content. The crosslinking density, determined by the swelling ratio, showed that the CR compound without MgO showed a higher degree of swelling. When the content of hydrotalcite/MgO was 3:2, it was the lowest volume change of CR form. Also, As the content of hydrotalcite decreased, the difference of mechanical properties before and after immersion NaCl solution increased.


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