Complete Hydatidiform Mole Coexisting Two Live Fetuses in Triplet Pregnancy
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We introduce a case of triplet pregnancy with a complete hydatidiform mole coexisting two viable fetuses and important issues for prenatal care in both mothers and fetuses due to a significantly high risk for both mothers and fetuses. A 32-year-old patient conceived a triplet pregnancy after intrauterine insemination. At 14 weeks of gestation, ultrasonography revealed hydatidiform moles that were adjacent to two fetuses. Fetal karyotyping of the two fetuses showed normal results. The second baby developed fetal growth restriction at 24 weeks of gestation and preeclampsia developed at 29 weeks of gestation. At 31 weeks and one day of gestation, cesarean section was performed due to fetal distress of the second baby. Microscopically, the molar tissue was favorably diagnosed as complete hydatidiform mole. This is successful delivery report of a pregnant woman who had triplet pregnancy complicated with one complete hydatidiform mole coexisting two viable fetuses in Korea.
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  • 발행년2020
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  • 저자( Won-kyu Jang ) , ( Jinkyeong Ha ) , ( Jin-gon Bae )
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