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[논문] 태권도 수련이 아동의 성장호르몬과 IGF-1에 미치는 효과의 메타분석
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of Taekwondo training on growth hormone(GH) and insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1) in children. In order to achieve the objective, 16papers(GH) and 15papers(IGF-1) selected through literature review used meta-analysis(Stata 14.2). The main results of the study are as follows. First,...
[태그] Effect Size Growth Hormone|Taekwondo Meta analysis|태권도 수련
[논문] 유아기 성장발달의 기본움직임 분석 - 이동운동능력, 물체조작기능을 중심으로 -
The purposes of this study were to compare and analyze movement exercise abilities and functions of locomotor skill(running, jumping, hopping, and skipping) and object control skills(throwing, hitting, receiving, and kicking) of early childhood kids, and to provide data for improving exercise abilities during the early childhood. Eight...
[태그] Locomotor skills Movement exercise ability|Object control skills Early childhood kids|유아기 성장
[논문] 지각운동 프로그램이 자폐성장애 아동과 청소년의 기본운동기술에 미치는 영향
This study aimed to investigate the perceptual exercise program on basic motor skills in children and adolescents with autism disorder. To achieve the study objectives, perceptual exercise program was applied to 10 children group and 10 adolescent group with autism, 60 minutes per session, twice a week for 32 weeks. To evaluate the bas...
[태그] perceptual exercise|autism|basic exercise skill|perceptual exercise autism|지각운동 프
[논문] 전신진동을 결합한 교각운동이 대학 축구선수의 다리 근활성도와 균형능력에 미치는 영향
The purpose of this research is to study the effects of bridging exercise combined with a whole body on lower extremity muscle activity and balance ability. Thirty college soccer players were selected as experimental subjects. Fifteen were randomly assigned to the experimental group that performed bridging exercise combined with whole ...
[태그] Whole body vibration Soccer|Muscle activity Balance|전신진동을
[논문] Davinci Bodyboard 운동이 중년여성들의 골반 밸런스와 활성산소에 미치는 영향
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Davinci Bodyboard exercise on pelvic balance and active oxygen species in middle aged women. Total exercise was performed for 12 weeks, 3 times a week for 40 minutes a day. The following conclusions were analyzed based on the results of two measurements before and after the Da...
[태그] Pelvic Balance Middle-aged Women|Active Oxygen Davinci Bodyboard Exercise|Davinci Body
[논문] 점핑 다이어트 프로그램이 비만중년여성들의 생활습관병 관련인자와 혈중스트레스 요인에 미치는 영향
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of the jumping diet program, which is popular in GX exercise, on lifestyle - related factors and blood stress in obese middle - aged women. Subjects underwent a 40-minute-a-day exercise three times a week for eight weeks and to determine the difference between before and after exer...
[태그] Jumping Lifestyle-related|Blood Stress Obese Middle-aged Women|점핑 다이어
[논문] VIPR 전신통합운동이 성인남성의 간 기능 효소와 건강관련 체력에 미치는 영향
Causes of liver disease, one of the three major causes of death in men in their forties, are often susceptible to environmental influences due to frequent drinking, smoking, and viruses. Due to the nature of liver disease, the latency period of the symptoms is long, so it is necessary to manage the liver disease in advance in the 20~30...
[태그] VIPR(Vitality Performance Reconditioning)|Liver disease|Liver function enzyme|VIPR(Vitality Performance Reconditioning) Liver disease|VIPR 전신통
[논문] SEEING LIKE A FOURTH ESTATE: E-publishing Hyper-Production and the Cultural Economy of the Select...
Academic criticism tends to separate itself from close analyses of the material realities of the publishing industry, since the latter are considered the concern of “history of publishing” journals, not those dealing specifically with criticism of canonical or potentially canonical works. However, the changes that have taken place in t...
[태그] selector class ecosystem|publishing industry literature|SEEING LIKE
[논문] Using Initiation-response Interaction Pattern in Written Forms in an Indonesian as a Foreign Lang...
This research is aimed to examine the adjacency pairs of the initiation-response pattern in Indonesian language performed by Korean students and to find out their perspectives on using it in the learning process. This is a qualitative study with the sentences written by the participants as the answers to the test (WDCT) and the questio...
[태그] dis-preferred respond adjacency pairs|preferred respond initiation-response|Using Initia
Modern semantics evaluates sentence content relative to possible words. A possible world represents a possible state of affairs, a way the universe might be in the metaphysical sense. In theoretical semantics, possible worlds are taken to model reality itself and as such are the arbiters of objective truth. I argue that this interpreta...
[태그] possible worlds subjectivity|objectivity conceptual relativism|THE WORLD OF
[논문] Germany’s Role in the Western Balkans analyzed under the Realist Paradigm
Kosovo is at the center of a large nation-building effort in the Western Balkans. This region had been devastated, physically and psychologically, by the gruesome wars of the Yugoslav succession, of which the Kosovo war of 1999 marked the final chapter. Germany has managed to acquire a leading position in what is the largest pacificati...
[태그] international politics Western Balkans|Germany Kosovo|Germany’s Ro
[논문] 魏晉 및 16國時代 河西地域 顔料의 來源
본 논문은 위진 및 16국시대 하서지역에서 사용된 안료의 래원과 그와 관련된 내용을 검토함으로써 고대 안료 수급의 기본 구조 및 특징을 파악하는데 필요한 하나의 기초를 마련하고자 한 것이다. 검토결과, 위진 및 16국시대에 다수의 한인이 하서지역에 거주하면서 중원지역 문화요소를 대거정착, 확장시켜갔음에도 불구하고 중원지역 혹은 중국 내륙지역 안...
[태그] 안료 산출지 위진시대|하서지역 16국시대|魏晉 및 16國
[논문] 공립미술관의 작품구입 제도에 관한 연구 -지역 대표 미술관을 중심으로-
1992년 광주시립미술관의 개관 이후 각 지방자치단체에서 지역의 문화예술 활성화와 미술계의 지원이라는 목적으로 설립하고 있는 공립미술관과 더불어 급증하고 있는 사립미술관을 포함해 과히 미술관 부흥기라고 할 수 있다. 전국에 있는 공립미술관이 올바른 역할을 수행하고 정체성 확립을 위해 무엇이 필요한가에 대한 의식은 매우 중요하다. 지역적 특성을 ...
[태그] 공립미술관 작품수집|소장 작품 구입제도 미술관정체성||공립미술관의
[논문] 중첩 표현을 통한 채색화의 현대적 재해석 연구
채색화는 바탕위에 채색이 쌓이면서 형상을 드러내는 장르로, 일필휘지(一筆揮之)로 정신성을 표현하는 수묵화와는 다른 창작 표현방식을 갖는다. 본 연구는 이렇게 색을 반복적으로 쌓아 형상을 창작하는 본인의 작업에서 중첩(重疊) 표현을 중심으로 이루어진 채색화 작품에 대하여 살펴보고자 한 것이다. 완결된 채색화 작품은 재료적 특성과 바탕작업에서 ...
[태그] 중첩(重疊) 조화(調和)|재료적 물성(物性) 채색화(彩色畫)|중첩 표현을


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