Icon evaluation Using Spreading Activation Model
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Today icon is widely used in GUI environment, but users often cannot intuitively understand its functional meanings. Therefore, icon has to be designed for users to easily understand its functional meanings. In order to evaluate icon’s functional meaning, Spreading Activation Model can be used because SAT (Spreading Activation Test) is effectively used to understand the process of information retrieval. Asymmetric Spreading Activation Model is that in two nodes the degree of spreading activation is different by direction. This study evaluated the strength of the icon-function relationship with a hypothesis that well designed icons have symmetric icon-function relationship rather than asymmetric icon-function relationship by direction. As a result, it was confirmed that well-designed icons, the strength of the icon-function relationship arises symmetrically rather than asymmetrically. Therefore, asymmetric SAT evaluates the strength of the icon-function relationship to contribute to the development of icon related to human’s association structure.


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  • 가격6,000
  • 페이지수7 페이지
  • 발행년2007
  • 학회명대한인간공학회
  • 저자Sun Jung Lee, Jong Soon Park, Rohae Myung
  • 파일형식아크로뱃 뷰어(pdf)
  • 자료번호#959495
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