Advice To A Young Man
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out of an inward superiorityto our surroundings
We fall into mistake ofsupposing that to look forward must mean to look anxiously forward. It is just as easy to look forward with hope aswith sadness.
On living with honor 명예롭게 사는 것
It is desirable to have a good reputation. The good opinion of our associates and acquaintance is not to be despised. There is often a great distinbetween character and reputation. Reputation is what the world believe us for the time;
character is what we truely are. Reputation and character may be in harmony, but they frequently are as opposite as light and darkness.
The best equipment a young man can have for the battle of life is a conscience,common sense and good health. There is no friend so good as a good conscience. There is no enemy dangerous as a bad conscience. It make us either kings or slaves
Anger is a short madness. There is in it envy and scorn,fear and sorrow, pride and prejudice,
rashness and inconsideration.
Ambition destroys the pleasure of the present in ardent aspiration after an imagenative future.
Contempt is an innocent revenge.Violence is the expression it
Anxiety is the poison of human life . It is the parent of many miseries
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