Understanding Pop Culture, Professional Sports - 영문 레포트
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Understanding Pop Culture, Professional Sports - 영문 레포트에 대한 보고서 자료입니다.


- Professional Sports

What is “Professional Sports”?

Is “Professional Sports” a part of popular culture?



When I went to Vitoria, in British Columbia, I realized that many Canadian people really like ice-hockey games very much, apparently. When I was on the ferry which was going to Vancouver from Vancouver Island, there was an ice-hokey game between Vancouver and Montreal. Every television which is in ferry was fixed on only one program – Ice-hockey. Anyway, when I watched the game with the passengers who were on the ferry, I was so surprised about the people’s reaction. When Montreal got one score first, most people who were watching that game sighed, and when Montreal got their second score, many people yelled and screamed to TV.


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