Ego Tripping과 Still I Rise 에 대한 분석 영어 에세이
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Ego Tripping과 Still I Rise 에 대한 분석 영어 에세이에 대한 보고서 자료입니다.




When poets use voice, tone, and imagery, they eventually develop a meaning that speaks to the reader. This meaning is referred to as the theme, which can also be defined as the poem’s message or its impact as perceived by the readers. Themes are universal human truths or social conditions, which are why anywhere from two to a thousand poems could share the same theme. Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” and Nikki Giovanni’s “Ego Tripping” are excellent examples of how two poems that use different voices, tones, and imageries arrive at the same theme. This essay will first discuss the voices in the two poems then it will proceed to analyze their tone and imageries and how all these elements contribute to their theme.
The voice is the perspective or view from which a poem is being narrated. As readers read “Ego Tripping,” it immediately turns out that the speaker is related to Africa, as hinted by the first line: “I was born in Congo” (l. 1). However, it is not until reaching the last stanza that the persona in “Still I Rise” directly presents herself as an African speaking for her race:
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