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  • 발행기관 대한치과재료학회
  • 저자 Yi-San Kim, Sung-Hyeon Choi, Kyeong-Eun Youn, Ji-Hyungery+%3B+A+case+report">Treatment of cemental tear associated with periapical lesion using regenerative surgery ; A case report,
  • bleaching, Propolis Dental caries, , effects of the financial crisis of Asia from developing into threats to human security. The ARF should identif the business group in Korea, their debt financing from both internal and external sources can easily be substituted by other forms of funding such as internale"> [논문] Effects of Nozzle Design Parameters of a Common-rail Diesel Injector on Nozzl... , ( Soohong Lee ) , ( Sungwo 아크로벳(pdf)
  • 발행기관 한국응용생명화학회(구 한국농화학회)
  • 저자 Hyung Hyoon