Conversational and Practical Class Activity for ESL Teaching Classroom
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- Description of audience of learners
- Philosophy of Education
- Description of how the resarch influenced my teaching methods
- One well-described teaching activity
- Ten teaching methods and ten associated teaching activities
- Advantages/ disadvantages and challenges for implementation



This paper is about my future class applying ten teaching methods for South Korean students who have limited environment to listen, speak, read and write in English. Considering the students’ interest, character and learning style, the class will provide diverse and great amounts of input for the students acquiring English effectively. I describe my future learning audience, teaching philosophy, how I have been influenced to choose my teaching methods, teaching activities associated with each of the ten chosen teaching methods, and advantages/ disadvantages and challenges for implementation. The purpose of this paper is to improve the teaching and learning environment for South Korea students who study English as an academic subject for getting a higher test score rather than acquiring a second language.
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