Her First Ball - Katherine Mansfield
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turned into little short fat ones, and you'll beat time with such a different kind of fan­a black bony one." The fat man seemed to shudder. "And you'll smile away like the poor old dears up there, and point to your daughter, and tell the elderly lady next to you how some dreadful man tried to kiss her at the club ball. And your heart will ache, ache"­the fat man squeezed her closer still, as if he really was sorry for that poor heart­"because no one wants to kiss you now. And you'll say how unpleasant these polished floors are to walk on, how dangerous they are. Eh, Mademoiselle Twinkletoes?" said the fat man softly.
Leila gave a light little laugh, but she did not feel like laughing. Was it­could it all be true? It sounded terribly true. Was this first ball only the beginning of her last ball, after all? At that the music seemed to change; it sounded sad, sad; it rose upon a great sigh. Oh, how quickly things changed! Why didn't happiness last for ever? For ever wasn't a bit too long.
"I want to stop," she said in a breathless voice. The fat man led her to the door.
"No," she said, "I won't go outside. I won't sit down. I'll just stand here, thank you." She leaned against the wall, tapping with her foot, pulling up her gloves and trying to smile. But deep inside her a little girl threw her pinafore over her head and sobbed. Why had he spoiled it all?
"I say, you know," said the fat man, "you mustn't take me seriously, little lady."
"As if I should!" said Leila, tossing her small dark head and sucking her underlip. . . .
Again the couples paraded. The swing doors opened and shut. Now new music was given out by the bandmaster. But Leila didn't want to dance any more. She wanted to be home, or sitting on the veranda listening to those baby owls. When she looked through the dark windows at the stars they had long beams like wings. . . .
But presently a soft, melting, ravishing tune began, and a young man with curly hair bowed before her. She would have to dance, out of politeness, until she could find Meg. Very stiffly she walked into the middle; very haughtily she put her hand on his sleeve. But in one minute, in one turn, her feet glided, glided. The lights, the azaleas, the dresses, the pink faces, the velvet chairs, all became one beautiful flying wheel. And when her next partner bumped her into the fat man and he said, "Pardon," she smiled at him more radiantly than ever. She didn't even recognise him again.
뉴질랜드 태생 영국 작가. 본명은 Kathleen Beauchamp. 뉴질랜드의 유복한 실업가의 딸로 태어났으나, 영국을 동경하여, 주위의 만류를 뿌리치고 영국으로 건너가 문란한 사생활과 매우 불행한 결혼을 경험하였다. 1912년 가난한 문학청년인 옥스퍼드대학생 J.M. 머리와 동거생활(정식결혼은 1918년)에 들어갔다. 그가 편집하던 《리듬》 《애시니엄》지(誌)에 날카롭고 매우 주관적인 에세이·서평을 싣는 한편, 《서곡(序曲, 1918)》 《행복(1920)》 《가든파티(1922)》 《비둘기의 둥지(1923)》 등의 단편집을 연이어 발표하였다. 그 중에서도 어린 시절의 경험을 마음의 움직임 그대로 표현해 낸 《서곡》 등의 강렬하고 투명한 작품들이 가장 뛰어났다. 이들 작품은 제 1 차세계대전중에 남동생 레즈리의 죽음을 계기로 고향과 유년시절의 재발견으로 탄생되었다. 일찍부터 결핵으로 고통당하여 34세에 파리 근교에서 객사하였다. 머리가 편집한 《일기(1927)》 《서간집(1928)》은 순수한 작풍(作風)과 문학적 생애를 보여준다.
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