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[논문] 특허정보를 이용한 인공지능 기술 동향 분석
In this paper, we propose wide range of categorizes Artificial Intelligence technology as Learning, Inference, and Cognitive. Also, it analyzes 758 cases of open patents. For an analysis, target technologies were selected and categorized into specific areas to collect information about the patents. After removing noise, the patent information for each technol...
[태그] Technology Classification IPC(International Patent Classification) Code|Patent Information Artificial intelligence|특허정보를
[논문] 비휘발성 메모리 시스템을 위한 다양한 모니터링 비율 기반 적응형 파티션 캐시 교체 정책의 성능 분석
In this paper, we propose an adaptive partition cache replacement policy and evaluate the performance of our scheme using various monitoring ratios to help lifetime extension of non-volatile main memory systems without performance degradation. The proposal combines conventional LRU (Least Recently Used) replacement policy and Early Eviction Zone (E2Z), whic...
[태그] writeback cache replacement policy|LRU performance analysis|비휘발성 메
[논문] On the Relationship between College Students’ Attitude toward the Internet and their Self-directed Engl...
This article is to investigate the possibility that project-based classes introducing mobile phones can replace the monotony of traditional classes led by teachers as well as they can encourage students to take active part in the classes to some extent. The students in groups choose a genre for their own video projects (e.g., movie, drama, news, documentary, and c...
[태그] Regular courses|e-learning|Intensive courses|Regular courses e-learning|On the Relat
[논문] 관광자원개발과 관광개발정책의 기대효과를 통한 관광만족도에 관한 요인분석
By November 2017, the number of overseas travelers of the Korean nationals reached a cumulative total of 2,409,155, bringing about 26 million overseas travelers. For Korea\"s future growth and development, it is necessary to make the country much more attractive than now, and to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic tourism field and attract the people of ...
[태그] Global competitiveness Tourism policy|Overseas travelers Tourism resource development|관광자원개발
[논문] 크로링&클리핑을 활용한 정보취약계층의 정보수집 접근성 향상 기술 개발
This study started from the public interest purpose to help accessibility for the information acquisition of the vulnerable groups due to visual difficulties such as the elderly and the visually impaired. In this study, the server resources are minimized and implemented in most of the user smart phones. In addition, we implement a method to gather necessary inform...
[태그] Text-To-Speech Information Vulnerable Layer|Clipping Information gathering|크로링&클리
[논문] 스마트폰중독과 분노대처방식과의 관계에서 회복탄력성의 매개효과
In this paper, we verify the mediating effects of resilience on the relationship between smartphone addition and anger coping strategies, focusing on 299 high school students, and examine the effect of variables on students of general high schools and special purpose high schools. We found that smartphone addiction affects students’ resilience and the resilienc...
[태그] Smartphone Addiction Anger Coping Strategies(anger-in|mediating effects anger-out|스마트폰중독
[논문] e-디지털 콘텐츠 제작에 활용 가능한 이미지 디자인 PBL 수업에 관한 연구
In this paper, we propose an improvement plan to increase the learning effect and satisfaction through the PBL - related video design class. PBL To prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, we must acquire diverse knowledge and skills to discover problems and solve them creatively. Therefore, various learning methods are being studied, and one of them ...
[태그] PBL Constructivism Method|Problem Solving Self-Directed Learning|e-디지털 콘
[논문] 한국형 119 구급헬멧의 컨센트 디자인 개선에 관한 연구
In this paper, we propose an optimized size for paramedic helmets as personal safety equipment for emergency medical technician. This identified priorities for advanced loT technologies that need to be attached to paramedic Helmets. Paramedic helmets with advanced technology have been developed others, but they have not been developed for Korea. The products ...
[태그] paramedic standard size|helmet concept|한국형 119 구
[논문] 산업현장 고소작업자를 위한 스마트 안전 벨트
Safety management agent manages the risk behavior of the worker with the naked eye, but there is a real difficulty for one the agent to manage all the workers. In this paper, IoT device is attached to a harness safety belt that a worker wears to solve this problem, and behavior data is upload to the cloud in real time. We analyze the upload data through the deep lear...
[태그] Data collection Real-time Monitoring|Worker‘s Safety Management Deep-Learning|산업현장 고
[논문] 계층적 키 트리를 사용한 모바일 환경에 효율적인 그룹키 합의 프로토콜
In this paper, the author proposes an efficient group key agreement scheme in a mobile environment where group members frequently join and leave. This protocol consists of basic protocols and general ones and is expected to be suitable for communications between a mobile device with limited computing capability and a key distributing center (or base station) with...
[태그] Computational Diffie-Hellman assumption Multicast|Random oracle model Group key agreement|계층적 키 트
[논문] DEVS 방법론을 적용한 소형 IoT 기기의 모니터링 시스템 모델링
In this paper, we propose a Designed and Developed home router management system. Through the fourth industrial revolution and development of IoT technology, now people can experience a wide range of IoT related services at their workplace or daily lives. At the industrial site, IoT devices are used to improve productivity such as factory automation, and at hom...
[태그] IoT monitoring system|Information Security AP|DEVS 방법론
[논문] 무선 센서 네트워크에서 그리드 기반의 효과적인 모바일 싱크 라우팅 프로토콜
In this paper, we propose a grid-based efficient routing protocol for a mobile sink in wireless sensor networks. In the proposed protocol, the network is partitioned into grids and each grid has a grid head. For the efficient routing to a mobile sink, the proposed protocol uses a mobile sink representative node to send the data to a mobile sink and grid heads are us...
[태그] Wireless Sensor Networks|Mobile Sink|Data Dissemination|Wireless Sensor Networks Mobile Sink|무선 센서 네
[논문] 형태학적 연산과 주기성 측정 함수를 이용한 아날로그 게이지 인식 시스템 개발
In this paper, we propose a new method to read the hand of analog gauges to prepare for the smart factory. In addition, we suggest a new and improved method that can apply, in general, diverse analog gauges even if their scale types and ranges are various. Many companies are making great efforts to build smart factories that increase energy efficiency and automation...
[태그] Analog Gauge Recognition|Distance Matching Function|Morphological Operation|Analog Gauge Recognition Distance Matching Function|형태학적 연
[논문] 스마트 깔창의 압력센서를 이용한 보행형태 분류
In this paper, we propose a gait type classification method based on pressure sensor which reflects various terrain and velocity variations. In order to obtain stable gait classification performance, we divide the whole gait data into several steps by detecting the swing phase, and normalize each step. Then, we extract robust features for both topographic variati...
[태그] Gait Type Classification Classifier|Smart Insole Pressure Sensor||스마트 깔창
[논문] IP 셋톱박스 테스트의 효율성을 향상시키기 위한 새로운 탐색적 테스팅 방법
Recently, as various IP set-top boxes based on Android OS have been widely used in general households and public facilities, complaints about services and set-top boxes have continued to increase as much as other smart devices. In order to reduce this problem, the manufacturer performs the testing work before the product is commercialized. However, the testing ...
[태그] Test time Exploratory testing|IP Set-Top Box Specification based testing|IP 셋톱박스


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