Reading Explorer 3(Third Edition) 시험문제 및 족보
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2021 영어시험 Reading Explorer 3(Third Edition)(2020)(Cengage Learning)
I. Read the following and answer each question(1~17).
II. Choose the best one for the blank(18-50).


thcare products. _________, many people die of treatable illnesses.
A. Nevertheless
B. In addtion
C. On the other hand
D. As a result
37. The work - and its title - later inspired a Brazilian art movement called antropofagia, or cannibalism. Brazilian artists began to _______ - or \"digest\" - styles from other cultures and mix them with local influences.
A. take up
B. take over
C. take in
D. take on
38. In total, Maier took over 100,000 photographs, but she developed very few. _____ she kept most of the negatives and a few prints in boxes in a rented storage space in Chicago.
A. As a result
B. Nevertheless
C. Instead
D. Besides
39. ______ the highway\'s many potential benefits, environmentalists are concerned.
A. Unless
B. Despite
C. According to
D. Along with
40. Never before _______________________ - places such as Los Angeles, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Lima - that are regularly affected by earthquakes.
A. have so many people been packed into cities
B. so many people have been packed into cities
C. have been packed so many people into cities
D. have been packed into cities so many people
41. The complex design of a yakuza member\'s tattoo usually includes symbols of character traits that the _____ wants to have.
A. assistant
B. opponent
C. wearer
D. competitor
42. The forest walkers had a 16 percent decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. _____, they had a 2 percent drop in blood pressure and a 4 percent drop in heart rate.
A. Nevertheless
B. In addition
C. As a result
D. Therefore
43. During the long trip, she remembers ________, \"I can\'t wait till they build that highway!“
A. think
B. thought
C. thinking
D. to think
44. The henna coloring, which comes from a plant, _____ and disappears over time.
A. fades
B. appears
C. spreads
D. thickens
45. The Transoceanic Highway has been celebrated as one of South America\'s greatest engineering _____, and supporters say it will greatly improve people\'s lives.
A. firms
B. staff
C. departments
D. feats
46. Tarsila do Amaral died in Sao Paulo in 1973, age 86, after a career spanning six decades. But her artwork and _______ live on in her native Brazil.
A. legacy
B. controversy
C. regime
D. expertise
47. This allows our brains _____ and recover from the stresses of modern life.
A. rest
B. resting
C. rested
D. to rest
48. Many of Alex\'s cognitive skills, such as his ability to understand the concepts of \"same\" and \"different,\" are generally _______ only to higher mammals, particularly primates such as humans and apes.
A. attributed
B. developed
C. survived
D. indicated
49. During the 20th century, attitudes toward light skin shifted in the ______ direction in other cultures, as cities grew and work moved indoors. Tanned skin began to indicate leisure time and health.
A. same
B. common
C. collective
D. opposite
50. It means that evolution can invent similar forms of advanced intelligence more than once - that it\'s not something ______ only for primates or mammals.\"
A. reversed
B. concealed
C. reserved
D. renovated
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