greening, 그린 호텔, 친환경 호텔, 친환경 경영의 장 단점 분석 및 필수 구성요소 서술,
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greening, 그린 호텔, 친환경 호텔, 친환경 경영의 장 단점 분석 및 필수 구성요소 서술,에 대한 보고서 자료입니다.


1.0 Introduction

2.0 Positive and negative impacts from implementing environmental

3.0 Identifying the components of being a green hotel and different practices in different national hotels
3.1 The components of bring a green hotel
3.2 Hilton Worldwide
3.3 Conrad Jupiters in Gold Coast

4.0 Green hotel sustainable practices
4.1 Water efficiency usage
4.2 Electricity efficiency usage
4.3 Recycling initiatives
4.4 Alternatives of facility practices

5.0 Being a operation manager

6.0 Conclusion


1.0 Introduction

“Greening” is the term used to acknowledge the process of adopting eco-friendly
management into hospitality and tourism industry. The process used to implement this system is called EMS(environmental management system) and it became a great issue to hospitality and tourism industry nowadays. It is because of the rising interest of the
people to the matters of saving earth from global warming, water pollution and other
processes against the idea of “saving earth”. Therefore, hospitality and tourism
industry are adopting EMS to fulfil the fast changes of external environment. To add,
Watkins(1994) found out that travellers prefer to stay in the environmental friendly
hotel rather than those are not (p.70.). Moreover, Brown (1996) wrote that “The
“greening” of industry is an issue which has been increasing in importance since the
late 1980s [1, 2]” to show how much EMS needs to be held in the industry (p.18.). As
a result, the importance of running EMS has increased by planning, operating and
controlling the appropriate strategies and practices within the industry. This essay is
going to identify and analyse the issues concerning with EMS within hospitality and
tourism industry to show why other properties should adopt this management system
into their business.
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