Natasha’s Peasant Dance (Tolstoy의 War and Peace에 대한 보고서)
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Natasha’s Peasant Dance (Tolstoy의 War and Peace에 대한 보고서)에 대한 보고서 자료입니다.


Tango, Waltz, CanCan are various types of dances: they are all done for numerous reasons in different situations with various partners. In Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Natasha’s peasant dance in her uncle’s hunting lodge the night before the great war is the poetic core of the novel. Like any other spin in real life, Natasha’s dance is also done for a reason. Not only does it show how patriotism affects a person on an individual level, but her twirl also provides a natural segue to one of the novel’s core theme: patriotism.
Natasha’s dance is a scene where the aristocracy’s European ways meets the peasant’s Russian ways. This can be seen through both Natasha herself, and the situation around her as she dances. The significant aspectis the person dancing, Natasha. As she rides on horseback in the beginning of chapter 7 in part 4, people treat her as if she is a completely different being from them.
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