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[논문] 『동의보감』 신형장부도(身形藏府圖)의 형태 형성 경위에 관한 고찰
Objectives : Sinhyeongjangbudo found in Dongeuibogam is one of the most unique picture of viscera and bowels, or picture of internal body, produced in East Asia, but there has been no cohedrent explanation based on historical data as to how the details of the pictures were composed. This paper attempted to provide just that for each pa...
[태그] Sinhyeongjangbudo Wanbinghuichun|Dongeuibogam Yishengjieti|『동의보감』
[논문] 텍스트마이닝(Text mining)을 활용한 한의학 원전 연구의 가능성 모색 -『황제내경(黃帝內經)』에 대한 ...
Objectives : In this paper, we investigated the applicability of text mining to Korean Medical Classics and suggest that researchers of Medical Classics utilize this methodology. Methods : We applied text mining to the Huangdi’s internal classic, a seminal text of Korean Medicine, and visualized networks which represent connectivity of...
[태그] Text mining 原典|Medical classics Huangdi’s Internal Classic|텍스트마이닝
[논문] 중국 출토의서에 보이는 \'제상(諸傷)\'과 전래문헌의 비교 고찰
Objectives : This paper studies Zhushang, which is the name of a disease found in excavated books. Zhusang is the first disease listed in Wushierbingfang, which is a medical textbook excavated at Mawangdui, and Zhusang was followed by diseases such as Jinshang and Renshang. The paper studies what disease each of the word is refering to...
[태그] Zhusang Jinshang|諸傷 金傷|중국 출토의
[논문] 이동원(李東垣)의 풍약(風藥) 활용법(活用法)에 대한 고찰
Objectives : The paper studies the epistemology of Wind Herbs, its origin, its drug category and medicinal property, attempted to understand Lidongyuan’s framework of mechanism of internal damage and treatment principle, and why he used it from his viewpoint. Methods : His suggestion was based on this treatment of internal damage suing...
[태그] Wind Herbs Li Gao|風藥 李杲|이동원(李東
[논문] 보증금 처리방식에 따른 오피스 투자수익률 비교분석
In the Korean real estate market, distinctive rental contracts including Pure Monthly Rent, Monthly Rent with Variable Deposit(MRVD) and Chonsei have co-existed. Conventionally the deposit in the office market is assumed to be put in the bank, and the landlord gets interest income from it in the cost of corresponding monthly rent. Howe...
[태그] 수익률 레버리지|보증금 오피스시장|보증금 처리
[논문] 개성공업단지 개발·건축 및 운영·관리의 문제점 및 개선방안에 대한 연구
This study analyzed problems existing in the development, construction, operation, and management process of Gaesong Industrial Park and attempted to suggest legal and institutional ways to solve them. As a result of analyzing the local survey data and related regulations of the Gaesong Industrial Park Support Foundation, it took a lot...
[태그] 북한 남북경협사업|개성공단 부동산규제|개성공업단지
[논문] 도시철도 교통서비스가 주택가격에 미치는 영향
Urban railway transportation services are multi-dimensional. Not only providing a station where commuters take trains, but the services also include several factors such as the number of railway lines, the number of trains per day, whether the lines are directly connected to a metropolis, and the amount of time to reach major employmen...
[태그] 도시철도 자본화효과|교통서비스 아파트가격|도시철도 교
[논문] 서울시 셰어하우스 임대료 영향요인 분석에 관한 연구
This study aims to empirically explore factors affecting the rent of a shared house using a hedonic price model. The physical, operational and locational characteristics of the shared house are considered primary determinants of the rent of a shared house. The results show that single room occupancy, shared spaces for particular purpos...
[태그] 공유주택 임대료|헤도닉 모형 1인 가구|서울시 셰어
[논문] 빈집을 활용한 지역별 셰어하우스 공급 활성화 방안 - 주거서비스 기반형 주택임대관리업 적용가능성을 ...
Empty houses have been recognized as being subject to demolition according to regional characteristics due to aging and urban decline. In recent years, however, cases have been increasingly used in response to various spatial needs. In particular, Special Law on empty Houses’ which is enacted in Feb, 2017 has raised social interest in ...
[태그] 빈집 주택 임대 관리업|셰어하우스 임대주택관리회사|빈집을 활용
[논문] 오피스빌딩 내 상업시설의 임대료 결정요인에 관한 연구 -위계선형모형의 활용-
The commercial facility is one of the important amenity facilities in office building. Recently, office building owners and managers are eager to enhance income stream from their commercial facilities by strengthening shopping and restaurant tenants. Since the retail potential commercial facilities in office buildings are influenced by...
[태그] 오피스빌딩 내 상업시설 오피스빌딩특성|임대료 상권특성|오피스빌딩
[논문] 모노레일형 경전철 역사가 주변지역 아파트가격에 미치는 영향
Development of public transportation facilities is an important determinant of apartment price. In Korea, local governments are introducing monorail-type light rail transit (LRT) to solve traffic congestion. Compared to heavy rail transit (HRT), LRT has low construction cost, short construction period and good transportation capacity p...
[태그] 모노레일형 경전철 아파트가격|대구 도시철도 3호선 아파트 매매 프리미엄|모노레일형
[논문] 전세가격 상승이 임차인의 가계소비에 미치는 효과 분석 -이사가구와 비이사가구를 중심으로-
We analyzed the effects of rising Jeonse price on household consumption of tenants using data from the Korean Labor and Income Panel Study. We distinguished households that have moved from those that have not, and used Heckman’s two-stage estimation method to minimize the potential selection bias arising from the decision to move. We f...
[태그] 전세가격 한국노동패널조사|가계소비 헥크만 2단계 추정법|전세가격 상
[논문] 근세 동아시아의 침술(鍼術)인 계족(鷄足)에 대하여
Objectives : Donguibogam Chimgupyun has a sort of acupuncture technic in Josun called Gyejokchimbub. This Gyejok refers to the habgogja of Ling shu ·guanzhen. This was conveyed to Japan as Shinkyugokuhitsuto’s Betsutsuto but it is unclear as to how this is used today. Methods : Medical texts such as Donguibogam, Huangdineijing Lingshu,...
[태그] 계족 동의보감|령추 침구극비전|근세 동아시
[논문] 『상한소원집(傷寒溯源集)』에 나타난 역학적(易學的) 관점 고찰
Objectives : This paper aims to study the I-Ching perspective in Shanghansuyuanji. Methods : Key words associated with I-Ching was searched in Shanghansuyuanji and analyzed its meaning and categorized thematically. Results & Conclusions : 1. Qianhuang symbolized Shaoyang, The Power of the Great hexagrams, Jueyin Peace hexagrams, Taiyin...
[태그] Qianhuang Shanghanlun|Shanghansuyuanji I-Ching||『상한소원집
[논문] “비위생담지원(脾爲生痰之源), 폐위저담지기(肺爲貯痰之器).”의 의미에 대한 고찰
Objectives : The teaching which states, "Pi is the source of the phlegm and lung is the container of the phlegm" is a sentence that is regarded to have been based on the understanding of the production and container of phlegm based on physiology and pathology of viscera and bowels. However, the author's suspicion that this sentence has...
[태그] 담 생담지원|담음 저담지기|“비위생담지


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