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2. Identify your students and textbooks/materials
Lesson Plan


d combining
Group 5: editing(grammar, vocab, punctuation)
▶ When papers are returned to the original group, the
group members read the feedback that other groups
Group work
Revising &
Ss' own writings
- To give Ss a chance to
try out their writing on a
supportive audience
- To make Ss effective
participants who know
social rules of group work
and specific elements of
good writing and editing
- To make Ss independent
problem solvers, while
they revise and edit
peer's papers
- To help Ss realize that
writing can be done more
effectively in collaborative
Step 6
▶ Based on the constructive feedback given by peers,
Ss rewrite their articles (final draft).
- Ss don't need to accept every feedback and
change everything, if they think some feedback
are not helpful at all. Rather, Ss are required to
be selective feedback takers, who know which
one really can improve their work.
▶ When Ss have completed the final draft, they write
down their article on a color paper given by T.
- T recommends Ss to write clearly and neatly.
▶ T posts their articles on the bulletin board in the classroom so that Ss can read other their own or peers' articles during break.
Group work
Final drafting
& Publishing//
Ss' own writings
- To give Ss chances to
improve their writings
based on peer's feedback
- To make Ss find deep
satisfaction in publishing
their accomplishments
- To provide Ss intrinsic
motivation for writing
- To help Ss realize that
writing is not a product
but a continuous process
that can be rewritten
step 7
▶ T says "Good work" to every one.
▶ T provides another writing assignment
- to write a newspaper article or a diary based on
"5W1H+opinion" principle
▶ Dismiss the class
Wrap Up


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